Penguin Panic

Penguin Panic 1.08

Penguin puzzle game


  • Story mode
  • 100 levels


  • Similar to Tetris and bubble games

Very good

In this mix between Tetris and all the bubble puzzlers you need to drag and drop different coloured ice blocks to create big combos. It's a chilly adventure and in story mode you must free the funny little birds from blocks of ice which adds much to a classic format. There are also 100 levels of gameplay in classic mode.

It's very addictive and very good fun and you can submit your high scores to the leaderboard via the internet. There are three levels of difficulty and it's easy to get straight in on the action. The major problem with games like this is that they can feel like you've played them a hundred times before. However Penguin Panic has a fresh take on things. The music, surprisingly, does not irritate, the characters are great and the action is fast enough to keep you wanting more. Even when the furry penguins start making funny faces at you.

Enjoy a frozen treat! Drag and drop ice blocks to create rows and columns. Collect trophies by generating massive combos or performing other outstanding feats! Complete Story Mode by saving all of your frozen penguin friends, challenge yourself with 100 brain teasing levels in Classic Mode, or just chill out with Relaxed Mode. Submit your high score in internet. With addictive game play for all, Penguin Panic will warm the hearts of casual players the world over!

Penguin panic features:

  • Enhanced sound effects and soundtrack
  • Four ways to play: Classic, Relax, Story and Panic
  • A choose 3 difficulty level
  • Submit a high score and instantly find out where you are in the internet score board!

Penguin Panic


Penguin Panic 1.08

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